Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ma Vie Va CHANGER!!!

This is NO april fools joke - I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO DO MASTERS!!

For the last seven months I have been drifting around not knowing what the 'next step' will be. Something that has been extremely difficult for me to come to terms with as I have always had a 'next step' for the few years that I have been on this planet. Now finally, I have a 'next step'. I know what i'm going to be doing in 5 months. I shall be starting on a whole new stage in my education. I know for sure that it'll be tough as hell but i'm ready for it. I WANT IT! I am SO excited about it i can't stop thinking about it. It's hard to concentrate.

And what's even better than being sure about your next step? Knowing that you're next step is going to take you away from home!!! YAYYY!!! Ok it's not like I don't like living at home, but after three years living by myself, it's hard to get back to living 'under' the parents. I have to report back to them on EVERYTHING i do! Whether the reports are true or false is a different story, i have to report nonetheless! One more year of peaceful, non parental guided existence! AND hopefully I will be able to find a place somewhere so that I'll have even MORE years of non parental guided existence! I love my parents, but I simply cannot live with them for too long!

Another thing, I'll be leaving Sri Lanka!!! It's a beautiful country and i LOVE it! But i'm getting fed up of it! I need to move, I think i'm born to travel. I get restless staying at one place too long. It's time to move on. It feels like everything that has happened in the last 7 months has been leading up to this. I am NOT going to live in Sri Lanka next year. This was meant to be a 'gap year' and it's what it has become. For the past month, i've been considering staying longer, and maybe living here with no hope of getting out, but now, everything has fallen into place, because even my acceptence of the idea of living here is a part of the 'BIG plan' for my future.

Best yet, I've been contemplating why I didn't seem to connect with any of the guys who i've dated (well either i don't connect or they don't) and i guess it's for a reason, because i would be leaving! I have nothing to hold me back. No strings pulling me one way or another. I'm as free as a bird to make my own decisions!

I feel truly LUCKY!

Well, i still have 5 months to get through. And a lot of logistics to deal with about the Masters. But i feel like they're all going to fall into place. Till then, i should enjoy the time i have here.

A bientôt!

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