Monday, March 16, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy called diboudi and bougybou. Despite major differences thy fell deeply in love. Their love reached across cultures, colours, oceans and continents. But then one day bougybou decided to get away from diboudi because she was being very annoying... because she was definitely very annoying! So he went to a place far away. But of course! as annoying as diboudi was she couldnt stop annoying bougybou just because he was miles away! So she decided to pack up and follow her bougybou. And when they reunited in the place far away bougybou and diboudi were so happy!!! And then they loved happily ever after.
What happened ever after?
Well that's another story!

Written 4th september 2007

A story, a story is what this will ever be!

A bientôt

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