Saturday, March 21, 2009


I miss A and I miss T. I miss being able to go to see A whenever I want. I miss playing with Shlappy at T's house. I miss sitting on the back steps of Odel and keeping a look out while T smokes her ciggie. I miss how A would ALWAYS be cold no matter the weather. I miss eating ramen with T, pretending to be feeding ourselves healthy food. I miss going to T's place after a night out, and eating tuna out of the can cause obviously, I'm hungry! I miss simply passing hours reflecting about life, our existence and just philosophizing about everything with T. I miss going shopping with A. Trying on everything and buying nothing. I miss sharing a cig with A each in their own thoughts in companiable silence. I miss watching the Guignols with A. I miss A coming to my place at crazy hours wanting to talk. I miss how we talk about guys, about how they're all assholes. I miss how much A hated 'him'. I miss. I miss smoking up with T and going into giggling fits. I miss them. No matter how many people I am surrounded by, no matter how many other friends I have. They will always be SO very important to me. One who I met in high school, the other at university. Two people so extremely different from eachother. Yet who are so very in sync with me.

A bientôt

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