Monday, September 7, 2009

The booty call!

Now i know i said i'm not going to write on this blog any more. But this particular anecdote cannot be left unsaid.

It was a typical Monday. I was bored and tired of the week already! I was wondering what I could do to entertain myself without going out. And then it came to me. What about a late night booty call? I knew just the person. He lived in the same appartment, just a few floors below me (how appropriate). So I send off a subtly clear text saying "i'd lost my 'umbrella' and would like to know if he had it" wink wink! Now when it comes to booty calls, I usually go for those that I've already tested, and the last time I tested this one, he had come to return my umbrella that he had borrowed earlier on. Hence the metaphore. Unfortunaly, depite having a very pretty face to cover it, his head seems to lack some filling. And he replies saying he's looked for my umbrella everywhere but can't seem to find it, maybe i should buy a new one!


Now, when I wanted entertainment tonight, this wasn't what I was expecting, but I was entertained alright! I was laughing non stop for quite a while!!!! Poor pretty boy!

So I sent him a message making my intentions very clear! And lo and behold the little idiot replies saying he's "not in a position to fulfill my wishes right now, but he is more than willing to provide another 'umbrella' to take his place!"!!!! The NERVE!!! Not only is he dumb, he actually tried to pimp his friends to me. Oh well, at least I know that I bumped his ego down a few notches by making fun of his little misunderstanding! Obviously his suggestion deserves no response. I only ask for umbrellas that I've already opened up, and know will perform satisfactorily.

So that's the story of my booty call incident!

C'est tout!