Tuesday, June 23, 2009

La vie est belle!

Every day i wake up, i'm one day closer to leaving. One day closer to starting a whole new chapter of my life, one day closer to my goals, one day closer to starting all over again in a new place!

It's been a few weeks since i've written anything on this blog, and i realise that this is because things have either being very slow, or very good and which I didn't particularly want to write about.

I've been happy these past couple of weeks. I finally got over the dry spell, and it was awesome! Although it's been difficult to meet with the Peugeot guy I haven't been fretting about it. Instead I've been going out and meeting new people. I think there's a new prospect in the horizon... Let's call him the Safari guy. We shall see how it goes. I am a lady with a plan these days. My plan is to have as much fun as possible before i leave. I'm young, I'm smart, I'm reasonably atttractive, I'm leaving soon and I've got a few very interesting guys lined up before me. I have nothing to lose (except maybe some time) and everything to gain (a lot of fun!).

As for Uni, i'm not thinking about it too much. I shall see when i get there. I want to make the best of these last few weeks which might possibly be my last entirely responsibility free period. After my Master i'll have to start working, looking at Phd options etc etc etc...

Also, I hate regretting not doing certain things. And this year, I've been keeping myself in check far too often. It was actually for the best because I've avoided quite a few difficult situations. At the same time, I feel like I haven't really been ME. But ever since I met Peugeot, i feel like i'm finally happy about being me. Probably it's just a coincidence that he turned up at that particular time, but he did and it's perfect. What I've noticed is that both the guys have serious professional sides but still manage to have and be FUN! With Peugeot, I see how hard it is to run a successful business AND have time for fun, but he still seems to balance it because of his easy-going personality. I'm learning from him, that the key to the balance is in your attitude.

Writing this, I'm reminded how content I am. I've been striving a whole year to some to this, and I'm so grateful that i'm finally here.

Life is beautiful!

A bientôt

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I really like things that are just simple, easy and straightforward. I really like guys who are like that too. Although by simple, i don't mean stupid, and by easy, i don't mean man-whores. It's been a while since i met someone like this. And it's so very refreshing to do so... And since he's technically Australian, I wouldn't be breaking one of my long standing trends... How perfect is life. I get the perfect guy for this time in my life. He's like a shot of very expensive vodka. Goes down smooth, get's you intoxicated, yet doesn't give you a bad hangover :) *sigh* Happy. Gosh i'm so easy to please! 

A bientôt

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I didn't realize the extent to which i am capable to be paranoid till this morning. So guy sends me a text while i was driving, asking me to call him when i'm free. IMMEDIATELY blood starts pumping to my brain, the wheels start turning and I come up with theories as to why he wants to talk to me at 9.30am! A few of which were that he found out something that might make him not want to see me again. Then there was the 'i already have a girlfriend, sorry i didn't tell you before'. There were a few more which I can't remember now. Anyhow, I got out for a few minutes, and took that time to call the guy. Line was busy; my brain went into hyperdrive! As the smart and informed driver I was, i drove down a one way road, and ended up crossing a busy junction completely disregarding the traffic lights! I was SHIT SCARED! So I stopped by the side of the road to regain my breath, and called the guy. Unfortunately he was really busy, kept getting calls, people coming to talk to him etc etc. Obviously i was baffled by why he wud want to talk when he was clearly extremely busy. And then he says it. He want's to know what time we'll meet up tonight! PHEW, my face lit up like the eiffel tower! And that's it. 

All that stress, all those theories, for no reason at all. So finally I decided that I'm going to STOP over-analyzing and being paranoid. It's way too obvious that's he's into me! I'm still going to tread carefully, but i am NOT going to be as delirously paranoid as I have become lately. But I can't be blamed, what i went through with the neurotic devil a few months ago is bound to have left some lasting damage. 

Down with paranoia, and Cheers to taking things easy! 

A bientôt