Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I really like things that are just simple, easy and straightforward. I really like guys who are like that too. Although by simple, i don't mean stupid, and by easy, i don't mean man-whores. It's been a while since i met someone like this. And it's so very refreshing to do so... And since he's technically Australian, I wouldn't be breaking one of my long standing trends... How perfect is life. I get the perfect guy for this time in my life. He's like a shot of very expensive vodka. Goes down smooth, get's you intoxicated, yet doesn't give you a bad hangover :) *sigh* Happy. Gosh i'm so easy to please! 

A bientôt


Anonymous said...

i find hard to understand, men..
happy for ya :)

lucky_me said...

so weird that you still read this. i was shocked to see a comment haha! thanks anyways :)