Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh what a week!

Conpared to the totally boring and uneventful week the week before, this week was CRAZY eventful! One thing i realised this week is that i am starting to get attached to Peugeot. He came back into town on monday morning, and i met up with him monday night. It was so great and comfortable. And although i still think that we're headed to friend-dom, the chemistry is still dynamic between us. Then on tuesday it was time for some Français, at the Bastille day reception. Sexy text aka Safari also got back on monday and had sent me a text on monday night, and although sexy talk with him was still just as fun, i was a bit dissapointed when the talking stopped. Obviously the smooth talking is a way to trying to make up for something. I had also met Spanish lover on tuesday although he left early, which was perfect since he didn't see me leaving with Sexy text (although he HAD noticed something between us). We had made plans for a 'language exchange' for thursday, so i met up for dinner with him at what i now think is the best italian restaurant in town. Afterwards, we exchanged something which had nothing to do with language. He was sweet, and he was so very obviously smitten, it was nice to have someone look at me with goo goo eyes. Being with the three boys one after another made me affirm that i have developed VERY good taste in the kind of person i get attracted to. It also made me realise that i am, despite myself, attached or actually smitten with Peugeot. The irony of it is that he's the one who's most unavailable of the three (from what he has told me). Perhaps it's my inner masochist who has lead me to it. Perhaps it's the fact that i've been 'seeing' him for almost 2 months now. Perhaps it's the fact that i know it will not go beyond the next few days that makes me want more... Whatever the reason, it is, what it is. I am attached. I was with 2 really awesome guys, and I thought of Peugeot (although i DID enjoy my time with them nonetheless!). Oh well, all i can do is try and spend some more time with him next week. Oh god! I'm going to miss him! Not good! Oh well, i'll live. I'm attached but i don't think i could use the L word, any of 'em, with him. But even attached is too much.

On a different but related subject, I hope my quest of having as much 'fun' as possible won't cause any issues, especially with the juggling of three guys at the same time, two of whom know eachother. I just have 10 days more. That's not enough time for things to get messy.

Till then I'm just going to enjoy the attention. But I'll give priority to Peugeot...

Other than the undesired attachment, i'm having a really good time, and life is amazing and beautiful!!

A bientôt

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boys Boys Boys!!!

Not boys. Men really. But when they take off the tie and the cuff links, all that they are, are boys! And I love these Man/Boys. I am desperately attracted to them. They are all successful in whichever field they might be in. They are smart. They are charming. They are sexy in their own way. They are all funny and FUN! And best of all, they know how to balance the man and the boy in themselves!!!

I can't say this has always been the kind I liked. But during the past 12 months, as i have enjoyed this particular kind more and more, i've gotten a taste for it. And now I feel like it's ingrained in me. My type was always the good-looking, classy boys. But boys nonetheless. Now i've toned down on the looks and gone up in the class and age qoutient.

It's funny how taste changes with time. I feel like I'm growing up. And therefore I feel like I need someone who's grown up. But at the same time NOT. Just to keep the right balance. It's all about me. As I grow older, the classier I want my men, I can't even handle cheap knockoffs even for a fling. I feel repulsed by immaturity despite the beautiful box it comes in. I am like a bee to the sweet honey of a ripe rich respectable MAN!

I sound like a gold-digger. But I don't like them for the money. I like them for the personality that money gives them. Then again, I don't like the overly spoilt brats either. I want my men with just the right balance. Lucky for me, there are quite a few who don't tip the scales.

Right now, it feels like what I'm looking for is comfort. Someone in who's arms I'll feel safe and secure and comfortable. And Peugeot gives that to me. Despite everything, I'm going to miss cuddling with him, getting tickled by him till I can't breath, just talking about random shit with him... It was never anything serious. It was never the openness that I had with the Devil. It was never the pure carnal fire that raged between me and the devil. It's enough. It's good. It's comfortable. And it's over in 3 weeks. But till then, I hope to get some more comfort hours.

But I can't wait till Safari comes back. Now THAT i think will be some crazy ass FUN! And then there's the Spanish lover I met this weekend. I hope to learn spanish the FUN way with him!! Then there's the poor brainless Marine with the big guns. If I don't have anything else to do, I might see how he turns out to be.

Ahh the boys... gotta enjoy them! What else is a young girl supposed to do?

A bientôt