Thursday, August 6, 2009


My last 2 weeks in Sri Lanka just FLEW by! So many things happening, driving around a lot, meeting people, having a blast. Met up with a lot of friends, also managed to get some boy time too. Safari was a perfect fling! He was all about the giving, plus the conversation was great too. We have a similar view on relationships... My last night out was crazy, met up with Peugeot, and it was the perfect end to our 2 month fling. The last few days i spent with my family, going around visiting relatives, and just chilling. Thus, my year in Sri Lanka came to an end.

And now, here i am in the land of the lion. It's been more about 9 days and it's been a very eventful 9 days. But things are slowly falling into place. Meeting a lot of people, but noone who really stuck. I thought that this french guy i hung out a lot for a few days will stick, a singapore version of my friend Ali back in france, but i guess not. I'm really excited to start classes, but somehow tonight i feel a bit down. Probably because it's been a tiring couple of days, with a lot to process, lot to do. Also trying to find my place in this new city/country. It's always a challenge, and that's exactly what i like about travelling, discovering new places, new people. I'm very positive about this coming year, but i guess i'm allowed to have my low points too right?

Anyway, i feel like this blog has come to an end. It's about my life, but somehow it feels like it's Ma vie à moi au Sri Lanka... and not here in Singapore. I can't decide yet whether i'll blog about this experience or not, but i'm pretty sure that this one needs to end.

It's been very cathartic writing this blog, whether it's been read or not. When i go through the posts this past 10 months, I realise that writing this blog is one of the ways that i've been able to come to this place i'm at right now, where i know who i am, and what i want with myself, and my life. So this space has more than served it's purpose, not that it had one to start with...

Good bye blog. I'll be coming back to you when i want a laugh and reflect about my dramatic (when is my life NOT dramatic) 'gap' year in Sri Lanka.