Sunday, May 31, 2009

First of the month!

I've always loved the first day of a new month. There's something refreshing about it. It's like life is starting all over again. Whatever happened in the past month is forgotten. You're given a second chance. 

I've always known that life is very unpredictable and strange, but sometimes I'm surprised by just how unpredictable life is. Did I know 10 days ago that I would meet someone that got me curious for more? NO Absolutely not! I was accepting the idea of being alone for quite some time. Although of course, I was not going to deny myself some carnal pleasure if it walked my way. 

And now, here I am writing about a guy I only met twice. Who is all of a stranger to me. First time I met him, it was for barely an hour, second time, well approximately 9hours, during which time we introduced ourselves quite intimately. It was strange telling my friends how I went out with a guy i barely know and his friends. Ok, this IS colombo, i DID know who the friends were, and there WERE mutual friends. But still, one week before, he had been a total STRANGER. And i'm lovin' it! What better way to spend a summer than to get to know someone from zero. 

Am I wary about him? Yes. I am wary about any guy, especially the kind of guy he is. But more I talk to him, more I find that he's smart and witty without being neurotic and mentally unstable like some others I've known. I wonder when I'll see him again, hopefully in a few days. I hope he'll take me for a ride in his sexy and spacious 407. 

I am getting curiouser and curiouser by the day, and I think I see the makings of an exciting summer fling! 

A bientôt!

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