Friday, May 8, 2009

Bloody 'ell!

It's that time again when i start hating being a woman! I hate that I get so emotional, so needy and so touchy about everything and with everyone! And the worst part, is the mood swings! I should have guessed yesterday that this was coming when one minute I was totally energized after Yoga and then next minute I was chickening out of going out and facing the devil and his gf! And I don't even want to MENTION the first day pains! It only lasts a day, but that ONE day, well it's 'ell! I can't even find a proper position to lie in which would make me comfortable! Not even FRIENDS can make me forget the pain, any more (Friends was great for a few hours, but now...)! 
I feel so bloated and unattractive! I always feel the most sexiest the week prior to getting my periods... But I seem to attract guys WHILE I have it. Maybe it's something to do with the pheromones or whatever... I can't even remember the number of times when I kicked myself (in my head) for having missed out on some HOT guys just because of this bloody HELL! I also end up feeling more aroused this time of the month too... WTF is WRONG with me? I'm unnatural! But the pain is too real! I need to go watch some more Friends and go to sleep! Writing this all down makes me feel a lot better. 
And i feel like telling Salem i LOVE him! I miss him! It always used to make the pains better when u would lie on my stomach... Oh god fucking mood swings! 

A bientôt

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