Monday, April 27, 2009

Primal Needs

For an ugly ass guy, Serge Gainsbourg mustav been DARN sexy to have attracted the likes of Jane Birkin!

Soon it will be 4 months since I last had sex, and 4 months is the longest I've ever gone (since I 1st had sex that is). Last year, I had a 4 month stint which ended with the fortunate rencontre of the Nice Frenchie. I was so sex starved that I barely lasted a week of no sex, and that only because I had my period! I was even ready to ignore the fact that he was not as HAWT as I usually liked. I don't think I'm a nymphomaniac, but I love sex. I need sex. The last time I had sex was amazing. I wasn't really intending to hook up with him, but I was drunk, he was sexy and seductive and the attraction was undeniable. It was the perfect way to say good bye to a year of promiscuity, and enter a year or abstinence. At least, that's the way I saw it four months ago. I had decided that I don't want one night stands or JUST sex anymore. I was ready to abstain for as long as it takes. It took one month for me to be tempted out of this resolution. He would have been a first for me, but it didn't work out, because I wanted more than just sex, he didn't know what he wanted. And that's that. But the chemistry was crazy!!

Since then I've accepted the fact that I might not have sex for quite a while. But as the four month mark is getting close, I find myself getting more and more frustrated. I need to feel attractive, sexy and wanted. I know there are ways to get this need fulfilled, but I don't want it. Because it would be like quenching my thirst with water when what I really want is a Margharita. I want pure, hot, carnal PASSION! I want a Hubert or better yet ,a TOM! If, by some luck (and I'm pretty lucky), I DO meet someone who fills my requirements. I am NOT wasting any time contemplating emotions. My primal bestial needs have to be fulfilled before I tend to the more sentimental ones.

Till then, I have to be patient. Unfortunately, patience is not one of my virtues.

A bientôt

UPDATE : The same day i wrote this, in the night, i got a mail from none other than TOM who i said is what i really want. Guess what the subject of him mail was 'I'm coming'. Somehow i don't think this is a coincedence. It's some weird The Secret/ Power of Attraction thing. Unfortunately he was coming to France. Which is a little bit too far away for me to fly for a booty call! But still I like that he thought of me the day i thought of him... I guess I mustav left an impression on him, as he on me... :D

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