Thursday, April 16, 2009

Would you be my Sugar Daddy?

One of the sites that I peruse when I'm bored, is I love it because they talk about such a variety of subjects, albeit somewhat shallow. I wasn't very shocked when I came across a title that said, 'would you accept an expensive gift?" Of course, being the materialistic girl I am, I went and read the article, and lo and behold I discover the existence of a website that is made for rich men and women searching for companionship, be it sexually,socially or both. The concept of Sugar Daddies/ Mommies and Sugar Babies is something that is saved from being labelled as prostitution by the fact that in exchange for the money the Daddies and Mommies spend on them, the Babies not only provide them with sex, but other services such as housekeeping or companionship.

In a world where life is getting more and more expensive, and money is constantly on the back of your mind, be it because of that morgage that you have to pay off, the University tuition you need to find or the bonus that you didn't get last month. In addition society has become more and more consumeristic, forcing some to keep pace with the rest of their entourage by indebting themselves more and more. And I won't even get started on the current Recession.

Therefore, I find it quite normal that this Sugar daddy/baby relationship has evolved and is expanding today. In fact this phenomenon is simply a mutation of the age old heterosexual relationship of men providing financial security in exchange for women's sexual capacity to provide and raise children. The only thing different in the 21st century is that the children have been dropped somewhere along the mutation process.

In fact, this trend can been seen in most relationships. Whether they admit it or not, women look for men who can provide them financial security, and men look for women who can keep then sexually satisfied. Of course, I'm not trying to belittle things like 'Love', but somewhere between the sweet nothings, and the amourous declarations, you can still find remnants of these stone age tendencies...

My evaluation.

I can't stomach the idea of being with someone just for the money or forcing myself to provide companionship. In an article about the site, it is said that most Sugar Babies pick and choose their benefactors, but I really don't see myself selling myself to someone i don't feel attracted to.

But if i DO find someone who's good looking, smart AND rich, who I'm very attracted to, even only physically, THEN, I would definitely consider being a Sugar Baby. What girl doesn't like being petted and pampered.

According to Freud, in the Oedipus complex, most girls want to sleep with their daddy, maybe what he really meant was 'Sugar' daddy...

A bientôt

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