Monday, April 13, 2009


Just one drink more. One's not going to make a difference, I've already had about 5. Shots? Yes. Why not? I love tequila. Oh, you wanna buy me a drink? Why thank you. I'll have Sex on the Bar, i mean Beach, I mean the cocktail, 'Sex on the Beach', I love peach. I'm feeling fine. Look at me, I can walk in straight line. You want me to walk back in a straight line? Hihihi I didn't realise I was walking backwards. Can a bum a cigarette of you? Thanks. That's a sweet thing to say. I'm blushing! Mmm really? My lips taste like peaches? Whoooops, I'm sorry I fell into you, it's so hard to balance, my heels are far too high! Yes, you can leave your hands there. Mhmm, what? another drink! Body shots! Mmm you're tongue feels so good on my collarbone... A nightcap? Oh you live close by do you? A bottle of rosé? Now how can I say no to that? Let me just tell my friend. I'm a going. I kno, I kno, but he za friend of that otha guy. E's ok. Don' worry 'bout me. Yeaa, I'll text, I'll drop in on ma way home. Let's go.

Good Morning.

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