Thursday, October 30, 2008

The real end to a chapter...

I'm not sure how many of you who come across my blog understand french. But the previous post was for me more than anyone else. It's my way of finally closing a very important chapter of my life. It had to be in french because that was the language that was the most prominent during that period.
After 7 months, I have finally let go... Of everything, the good and the bad... I have let go, but i will not forget, at least the good.
Now I am ready for the next chapter of my life, whatever it may be, with whomever it may be, in whichever language it may be...
BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!
A bientôt


noorie said...

I kind of-ish got it ish. Google translate!

A lovely-ish post. I say ish cos I got sprinkles of it. Like watching a pirated dvd with bad subtitles!

Cheers to moving on!

lucky_me said...

I actually went to see wat google wud do to it and um, not happy! Bt the gist of it is there... Some parts of the translation is actually funny!
I guess ur bored too!
Thank you-ish neways for the interest!

DeeCee said...

i used it too. agreed with Noor... :)