Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pedophile Alert!

No, I haven't come across a real pedophile in Colombo and want to alert the whole world about it!
Unless of course I count myself! Considering I have not seen any interesting guys in Sri Lanka since i got here, and with the frustration that has been building up, I seem to have developed pedophelic tendencies.
Let me explain. Last weekend I went to a function at which I ran into and hung out with one of my best friends' brother. I have known him since he was 5 years old and have thought of him as nothing more than an annoying child. But in the 3 years that I have not seen him, he has gone through the usual teenage growth spurt that at a tender age of 15 he looks GOOD!
And i can't stop thinking about him since! Thinking very naughty thoughts...
The worst part is that he's actually a year younger than my own brother! And I have to admit that I flirted with him considerably throughout the weekend. I feel so guilty about these 'inappropriate' thoughts, and especially since he's my friend's brother, and taking into consideration that I've seen him grow up, and he's practically a brother to me, and of course, he's 15!!!!
I haven't told this particular bit of information to anyone of my friends because 1. I don't want to come across as being frustrated (though i probably am) 2. It feels like if i admit it to someone, it'll actually be worse than it is.

I suppose i'm overeacting. But is it NORMAL to have these thoughts? These day dreams?

Oh well i suppose they'll die down... with time...

A bientôt

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uhu said...

Hi.. welcome back to the country.. I think I may know how you feel.. my brothers complain for weeks each time they are back.. :)