Monday, October 13, 2008


AIE!!!! J'en ai marre!!!!
Ok What I thought would die down with time, has NOT died down! I had the most amazing dream this morning, just before i woke up... And YES it was about a 15 year old half french, brown haired (OMG i knew him when he hair was still BLOND), brown eyed, very tanned cutie!
I am officially a WEIRDO! And though i thought i'll b able to be 'good', it's harder than i thought! At least being bad is even harder cuz i never seem to find the type of guy I like (and when i do, he's 15!)


Positive thinking : I WILL find someone to ease my pain!

And it will NOT take too long (please please please!)

A bientôt
(if i'm not in jail...)


uhu said...

kinda wishing I was half french and brown haired... :)

lucky_me said...

Haha! It's weird to see there's actually someone reading this! At least its anonymous! PHEW!

DeeCee said...

haha :) aww....