Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The waves of the ocean is a source of amazing power! Be it the power to destroy lives and create havoc like we saw four years ago, or be it to create an alternative energy source as I learnt from a certain Scottish mechanical engineer... As an island girl, for me, the ocean waves have the power to reach into my very core and energize me in a way that nothing else can! It soothes my soul, and apeases me and rocks me to a soft slumber from which i awaken with a feeling of rebirth. The worries that were in my head, washed away by the gentle yet forceful waves. My bruised and hardened heart was healed by its soft caress.

After a lovely day at the beach it seems like i have been renewed. Energized! I have finally gotten out of this strange funk that i've been smothering in for the last few weeks... I feel like i can conquer the WORLD!!!

One thing that bothers me is that being there reminded me of my ex, i kept hearing things he had told me about when he had been at that place, a few months before he met me, how he had hooked up with this Sri Lankan girl, and i felt myself looking for him... But what i realised is that i have forgotten his face, i remember him only as a tall white guy with broad shoulders and black hair... I guess it's normal... and good :) He's finally out of my head! It takes 7 months to forget 2 and a half years... It takes longer to get the stories he told me out!

Un jour je le verrai et je vais plus pouvoir le reconnaitre... C'est marrant comment ça marche nos souvenirs... Je m'en souviens plus de l'histoire qu'il m'a raconté que de lui...

Well i still had a great time at the beach and his stupid story couldn't stop that!

Back to work!

A bientôt

ps: The waves didn't seem to have the power to wash my pedophilic thoughts out! It didn't help that my brother kept saying what a great sufer the 15 year old was! UGH


uhu said...

you must be a good listener.. so you remember the stuff he said.. waves are lovely.. the sea is so amazing.. I know what will wash away those tendencies.. "a good... " ha ha...

lucky_me said...

Oh i know what i need to wash away my impurities! weird that all u gathered from that is that i'm a good listener..

uhu said...

ha ha.. what do you need.. ? well its not all I gathered.. but it does seem like.. remember more the words that creates thoughts.. than anything else no?