Tuesday, October 28, 2008

But but but but... nothing!

Alors, I met up with new boy again last night. We were supposed to go out for dinner, but he had fainted at work, so not feeling so good (probably some food poisoning cuz he ate some wayside kottu). So after my classes, i went over. It's still a bit awkward. He's so different from the immature guys i've been with. We talked about all sorts of things, his work, my work, his degrees.. all sorts of things. Obviously when he started talking about working and degrees i felt like a total CHILD! But that was all me, he wasn't patronizing in any way. He's very polite, and 'gentlemanly'. That's my way of saying that we did NOT start making out till AFTER dinner! And we waited QUITE a bit for the room service guys to come! (BTW room service is GREAT!) Even then, he was so careful, he didn't 'explore' the way that i was used to.. The making out was indeed very hot but well, it didn't go all the way... i guess it's cuz on our first date i said i wanted to take things slow.. ARGH stupid me!
And then there's the fact that he's so NOT hot! But somehow i still feel attracted to him! I know that i shouldn't obsess over this! The thing is thati'm SUCH a sucker for a pretty face, and i totally DISMISS unhot guys! I've done it SO many times. I know he's not hot, but the sweetness, the tenderness, and inteligence, the understanding it all attracts me in a way that i never thought possible. I'm growing up..
So i guess i've had the hot guys, now it's onto the nice guys.. And nice he is! Not nice is the 'oh he's nice' casual way. But in the he's really NICE way... It's amazing to have him holding me.. *sigh*
Then there's the part of me that's scared. What if this is a phase i'm going through. I'll probably cruelly dump him the moment i finally meet a hot guy in SL.. (fat chance! but u never know..) I don't want to hurt anyone again.. Especially someone who cared for me. I suppose I'm overanalysing this as usual, and i should just go with the flow and see where this takes me.
But I can't help myself.. This is just so simple and sweet.. When i was waiting for my taxi to take me home, i was sleepy, so i laid my head on his lap, and stretched out on the couch, and we were talking, about banalities... I closed my eyes, and kept on talking. Oh yea we were talking about how we would switch back and forth from english to french without realising it.. Lying there on his lap, his fingers gently caressing my forehead, my hair, me caressing his hand which was on my waist.. It was one of those moments that felt so perfect in because of it's simplicity. The silent understanding between two people, of different cultures, countries, age groups.. I felt at peace. This is right.
So i might have said "but" quite a few times in this post BUT despite my confusion i know that i have to give this a chance. That 'moment' was too special to have been nothing!

A bientôt


Gehan said...

lol.. well congrats, u've found a french lover in colombo.. most women would kill to be u :D

ah well.. im not gnna give relationship advice.. im jus glad a 'nice' guys is getting some... ;) this is SUCH an inspirational blog i tell u ..! :D lol...

lucky_me said...

well my last french bf(the ex) was also found in colombo, so been there done that, nothing new!

Hahahaha! Yea well he shud consider himself lucky.. for having me :P
I shudav called myself evil_me! Muahaha!

DeeCee said...

woman...i'm going to be blunt. yes, grow up! hehe ok me

but seriously, I'd choose a nice safe guy over a hot guy anytime. unless you're looking for a fling ofcourse.
Having a nice guy saves a lot of heart ache belive me.

Gehan said...

haha more like corny_me :P

seriously, two french men n both from colombo?! wow.. well u jus keep the french boys occupied, that way normal people like me have a chance with the rest o da gals.. lol..

Gehan said...

@ deecee = why cant she have both? ;) why are nice safe guys incapable of being hot?! im highly offended :P ;)

lucky_me said...

DeeCee= Whoa calm down there! lol Nice guys can be hot too. I've met some :) but you're right i have to grow up! I've been very shallow when it comes to guys for a long time. I've known it all along... At the time all i wanted was flings. Nw i'm finally feelin ready for this nice, sweet mature frenchy :)

GEHAN= they happened to BE in cmb when i met them, not necessarily from cmb. New guy just got here 2 months ago.. Ex was here on holiday.

noorie said...

totally agree with deecee's pearls.