Monday, October 20, 2008

J'adore le français!

WOOOOOO I am happy happy happy!!!!! Despite being very DEAD outside! But i guess it's the inside that counts huh? I LOVE meeting new people, speaking french and acting again! And the last few days i was able to do all that! So despite the lack of sleep, I'm so CONTENTE! Ca fait longtemps que j'ai pas senti aussi apaisé que ca... Whereas my life is pretty stressful! It's totally contradictory but oh well it feels like i'm finally settling in! And the ambasador seems to really like me! :P It's always good to have an important guy in ur fan club! Haha!! Not to mention a possy of french guys!
Neways after that really depressing one i put up, felt like i need to liven things up on my blog!

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uhu said...

sha! posh no :) congrats.. sounds like a nice place to work!