Sunday, November 30, 2008


What happened to the girl who can have fun in an almost empty bar?

Something that i don't understand is why i am constantly feeling tired. I feel like i lack the energy to do anything, and therefore what i would like to do is just sleep!! I don't know if this has some subconscious implications. But i don't even have the will power to ponder too long about it. The only thought i'm putting into this is this blog post. Which is already too much. I HATE feeling this weak! I feel like the life is being sucked out of my little by little... I don't know by who or by what. Maybe I'm just lazy! But i'm NOT! I didn't used to be this way! I'm usually full of life! What happened to that girl? Where did she go? Where did i leave her? Can she come back? Do i WANT her to come back? Hmm... questions... always questions. Never answered! Do they need to be answered?


A bientôt

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