Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ma vie à moi!

I realised that this blog thingy in Sri Lanka is actually a tiny little community where everyone knows eachother, as bloggers or personally or both. It's interesting how it reflects the reality of Colombo society... and to see how people react to this society 'we' live in.

I, personally, HATE Colombo society. I HATE this culture that i'm forced to live in!! I DON'T want to conform, but i seem to HAVE to. But i WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I have to depossess myself as a Sri Lankan i'm ready to do that JUST to NOT be part of Sri Lankan Society!

That said.

I have changed my Blog title cuz i don't think of my life as 'post-university' (after 'la fac') anymore. It's been 5 months since i've been done with that. It's soon 2009. A whole new year, a year that has NO connection to my life back in the Hexagon. This is my life NOW!

I was reading some other blogs and saw this tagging thing going around about what ppl have done in the last year.

I have to say that i started my year off with a BANG! NYE '08 was CRAZY! I got extremely wasted, fell down a flight of stone stairs while trying to call my bf (at the time ), made out with three or maybe four guys, almost got drugged by weird guys in the back of a dogdy caravan and spent the 1st day of the new year in bed nursing a bruise the size of a fist which was on my hip!

So the year continued as it started -

  • I realised that i was capable of cheating without feeling guilty
  • I met some amazing friends while waiting for a bus at 2am
  • I broke up with my bf of 2 and a half years on skype CHAT
  • The above was also my first break up and first time I dumped a guy
  • I met a guy who was the physically the PERFECT fit for me!
  • Broke a bone for the first time/got general anesthesia and operated on for the first time
  • Fell in love with an animal for the first time
  • Learnt to love my best friends more (if that was possible) for their love and support
  • Got blackmailed with dodgy photos for the first time
  • Went on my first blind date
  • Had my fantasy of having sex in a bar fulfilled
  • Had sex in some pretty WEIRD places - on cobblestones, beer cellar, tram bench
  • Got my first degree! Whoohooo
  • Did hard drugs for the first time!!!
  • Left a place and people that i had grown to love!
  • Felt what saying goodbye never knowing when you'll see eachother is like..
  • Faced too much change in TOO short a time!
  • Realised that i was becoming someone i didn't want to be, and decided to change that when i got back home (to sl)
  • Went through a phase where i didn't know WHO i was, or wanted to be... i still don't
  • Got my first paid job.
  • Went out with a really NICE guy for the first time
  • Remembered why i had left home in the first place
  • Realised that i might be turning into my father.. and vowed to prevent that!
  • Quit smoking for NOT the first time
  • Saw some places that made me realise that Sri Lanka is truly paradise!
  • My mother saw me completely drunk for the first time!
  • Fell in love with a child for the first time (i usually HATE kids)
  • For the first time, i don't know what i'm going to do next year... and i'm scared.
That's all i can think of...

I don't regret anything that i've DONE, i simply regret all the things that i wasn't able to do this last year... but I think that all in all, it was a really GOOD year!

I want to look back at this list and compare it with next years list.. now THAT wud be something!

Hope that next year i'd be able to have many more new, fun and totally zycra experiences!!

A bientôt

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