Thursday, December 25, 2008

Psycho EX

OMG i am SEETHING right now!

Yesterday i had one of the most freakiest experiences in my 22 years on this earth!

I was just going to do some grocery shopping at Foodcity with my mommy, and before that we dropped into the lil clothes shop next to it to see if there was anything interesting. So there i was happily shopping, when i get a call from my brother telling me that an old friend of mine came to see me at home! And i knew from his tone who it was! So the EX had come over, and started shouting my name from the gate. It's a bit far from the gate to the house so it took a while for the maid to hear... by then he had started to shout Lokubaba cuz he knows that's what i'm called at home.. Then when my maid went out to see who it was, she didn't see anyone cuz he and his FRIEND (yes he brought a friend along) were behind tall Bougainvillea bush by the gate! When he heard my maid's voice, she recognized it and started shouting HER name (i can't believe he STILL remembered her name tho). My poor maid was freaked out and called for my brother! And my idiot of a brother told the EX that i had gone to Foodcity with my mum! Then given the house number when the EX had asked for my brother's number..

So there i was shopping happily, when i get this news. So obviously i was worried about going to Foodcity now cuz knowing him, it's highly possible he was there. So we went in (mum and me), i checked out all the aisles, and the coast was CLEAR! PHEW! Then i texted one of my best friends who (thankfully) is back in Lanka for the holidays. Then while i was trying to decide between bacon or minced beef he shouted my name twice from about 5m away. i turned. My heart was beating so fast i thought it might pop out of my rib cage any time! I was scared, panicking! I was totally disoriented. I looked at him for a second, did a short movement with my hand without lifting it from my waist to acknowledge his presence, then ran to my mum, but had to take a few steps back cuz i had forgotten to bring the caddy!!!

So basically i stuck to my mum like glue till she finished shopping. All the while texting my friend (A). And A kept telling me that i shudn't talk to him whatever happens and my mum kept telling me that i shud be nice and go talk to him. I was even talking in sinhala, like EVERY word cuz i didn't want him to understand in case he was nearby. Bt i didn't bother to go talk to him, and i didn't look for him. But i DID think it was quite funny, somehow, and i was laughing (i guess it was the shock). So finally we were done with shopping and went to the cashier. I was let out a sigh of relief. We're outta here soon.

THEN i saw him. He was outside, on the other side of the road from Foodcity and he was staring at me. The WHOLE TIME we were checking out he was STARING! I only noticed him cuz i felt the stare... He was like a ghost. All pale in a black t shirt! Ugh!!! I still get visions of that... I was really scared. But i laughed it off. Mum wanted to go talk to him but i dragged her to the car and went home. I didn't really relax till about an hour after we got home.
But then the real feeling hit! Especially when my mum went on about how i shouldn't treat him like this etc etc...

I was in SHOCK! My ex, who i broke up with 9 months ago was STALKING me! For heaven's sake he could have gone to ANY country. But he chose to come to Sri Lanka for xmas! And he KNEW i didn't want to see him. I made it VERY clear!!!!

And he fucking STALKED me!!!! Snuck up on me!!! Bloody scared me!!!!

And NOW he's trying to fucking MANIPULATE my MOTHER sending her emails apologizing for not saying hello to her, and thanking her for all she did etc etc etc... so my MOTHER is telling me i should be kinder to him, and not treat him like the enemy.

Thank GOD i have A and her dad who's like a father to me.. Cuz my parents just don't seem to understand what the EX is trying to do! What a manipulating ASSHOLE he really is.
Just cuz we were practically married and i broke up with him don't mean that he has the right to pop up at my gate like that. ESPECIALLY when i was SO clear that i didn't want to see him!

This was the first time i saw him since the 31st of December 2007. A YEAR! The first time since we broke up. I didn't want to see him. It's hard to see him. Just seeing him in Foodcity reminds me of times we used to walk over there in our summers together to buy stuff..

I don't want those memories again! I don't want him again. And i want him to disappear from my life. Just cuz he doesn't regret our relationship doesn't mean i have to not regret it too! Just cuz he wud do it all over again doesn't mean i want to do that too!

If i knew how this was going to end i would NEVER have gone out with him!

And here i am back at the start, not trusting guys, thinkin that i'll never find someone who'll really understand me, who'll love me for who i REALLY am, and not who they think i am..

I knew that he cud do this, i expected this when he came to france 3 months after the breakup, i was expecting him to come knocking at my door. Bt not NOW, not 9 months later. Not when he says that he's over it etc etc..

ARGH!!!! I cud SCREAM right now!


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