Monday, December 15, 2008

'Tis the season to be jolly...

but i CAN'T!!

I haven't had a Sri Lankan Winter since 2003!! And i MISS the french Christmas!
I wish i wasn't Buddhist just so i could have a PROPER Christmas, i wish i was FRENCH and had a HUGE family cuz i MISS the dinner's that last 12 hours, and many, MANY courses, the copious amounts of red and white wine, the Christmas trees, layers and layers of clothes, exchanging presents, the window decorations at Printemps and Galleries LaFayettes in Paris, the curtain of lights in Bordeaux...

Then again Christmas always meant that there were exams looming ahead on the other side of NYE, i definitely DON'T miss that!


And of COURSE, the new years tradition of Gallettes des rois...

I miss eating foie gras... (i remember how my french hosts explained what it was for the first time heh)

So many memories... both good and bad, but mostly UNFORGETTABLE!!


A bientôt

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