Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why is it that ..

Why is it that i can't have a simple life? Why do i have to clutter things with Drama?
Why is it that i'm not NICE? I AM nice! I try to be nice. I WANT to be nicer..
Why is it that when it rains men it simply pours? And why do i have these confused thoughts in my mind despite my stubborn efforts to keep things simple?
Why is it that life throws things at you that you can't seem to handle? Why is it that life is so unfair like that?
Why can't we have a selective consciousness and be able to filter things that we don't want to know, or don't want to deal with?
Why is it that life is so complicated?
Why is it that I just want to shut out the raised voices of the parents and ignore the tears and the cruel remarks?
Why is it that i can't simply live in a parallel world where none of this affects me?
Why is it that sometimes i feel like i actually DO live in a parallel world, and i see things that go around me through the eyes of a narrator?
Why is it that i can't simply be happy with no complications, no troubles, no worries?
Why is it that things are never easy?
Why is it?
Why is it that...


Lady divine said...

I have a lot of WHYS myself...
I wonder when and whether I'll ever have answers.....

oh well... Why is probably what we seek day in and day out...

lucky_me said...

sometimes WHY's shud b left unanswered. Cuz however much we ask, we mite not want the answer...
Ugh i jst realised that a week later, i STILL haven't found a way around most of these why's!