Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hé Ho! What's going on here?

Although i haven't been posting for the past couple of months I've been coming to my blog almost every other day to check out my list of guilty pleasures... But today i was feeling nostalgic and i started rereading some of my old posts and lo and behold what do i see? People commenting??? Following me?? 

Took me a while to wrap my head around it! If you've been reading then you'll know that i decided to stop posting and the last 2 posts were basically last resort actions to allow me to sort things out in my head. 

Anyhow thank you for the lovely comments. I can't say I'll start writing again. Although MANY things have happened, and many things and guys have been done since last october... 

However I will update on the last 2 guys i blogged about. The french guy was a complete douche, I saw him a few times when i was out, even had the nerve to come say hi once. But that's it. I move on fast if you haven't noticed. 

The Danish DJ. Well things didn't stop there. He never got in touch with me because he has his own issues. He apologized when i confronted him about it, and i think he was sincere. And obviously I had a few amazing nights with him before we said good bye before christmas break. But little did i know that i would see him again... The night he flew back to denmark last january i saw him, we met up for Shisha, made out, talked about his travels over christmas. He's actually a nice guy. Obviously we were both very frustrated that we couldn't do what we do best together... But it was a nice last chapter to that story. 

Right now i've decided to take a break from my wild ways, because to be honest, I'M BORED of it! I don't want anything serious, neither do i want something mindless. My friends who've heard me say this before just roll their eyes and say "whatever you say"... We'll see how long it lasts. 

A bientôt peut être...


PEACEFUL said...

Wild ways make life fun.

Don't stop :-)

or stop.

Life is like that. only u can decide.

Take care.


It's Off My Mind said...

My twenties were a great deal of fun! I too sewed my wild oats! Continue to live life to it's fullest, you'll have plenty of time to be calm and you will look back on these days and smile:-)

Dylan Macnab said...

perfect. perfect. perfect.