Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letting it out...

It's been a pretty stressful month, but also very eventful and fun. Take home exams, parties, research papers... It seems like i never have any time to relax. Only thing is, all i DO is relax. I've been procrastinating like a mofo and i need to stop. This week is crucial and i can't been to concentrate because of last weekend's activities. So i'm going to put an end to the blogging hiatus i've been having cuz i need to let out all these thoughts that have been floating/storming around in my head! 

First of all, about the Danish DJ. 

He's really something that started out as a pet project with only one possible outcome. And that happened. As usual, i got what i wanted. But somehow it feels like something is missing. And what's missing is any kind of contact from him. it's been 4,5 days already and no contact whatsoever, and worst of all, when he SAW me yesterday he made no effort whatsoever to come and talk to me. And yesterday was horrible for me because of something that HE provoked! So seeing him wasn't what i wanted. I'm itching to send him a scathing email or text but i'm retaining myself because i know that he's not even worth it. I never expect much from guys like that, guys who i only want one thing from. But the least one can do is to send a follow-up call or something. I guess i'm so annoyed because i thought he was somewhat different. Oh well. No point getting my knickers in a knot for him (if i ever find the ones i left at his place!) 

And then the French guy 

Now i thought it was too good to be true how sweet and affectionate he was. Barely any contact, and whatever little there was was initiated by me. So I guess I shouldn't have any hopes for him either. It's a pity cause i thought he had potential... Oh well. I suppose I'm all conflicted in my head with these two guys because they both disappointed me one way or another and i feel that it's unfair. 

But i really shouldn't let this affect my concentration. I'm here for one thing and one thing only. To succeed in my masters. I can't let them prevent me from doing that. 

Wow that feels better :) Its' always nice to put things in black and white. Makes it easier to understand and sort things out. 

And now to do some actual work. 


clara said...

Ugh. Boys. Don't let them get you down :)

Almudena del Rocio said...

you're very beautiful, please be my friend

mascarita said...

how could you expect potential from a guy who didnt even try to make contact with you. dont got o them wait for them to come to you... then you can choose

Jessica said...

I like your blog :) I'm Jessica, and new to blogging :)

Olivia Tastemaker said...

I like how you write...keeping it real :)

Anonymous said...

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