Sunday, July 18, 2010

High Class Whore?

There are times when i wonder whether i was meant to be born in this country. Times like these when my own mother comes up with these ridiculous notions that have basis only on the equally ridiculous social structure of this country and more particularly this city.

So today, I went to watch a piano recital at a well known theatre in town. It's hard to find people to watch a piano recital with so when a German guy who i had met recently, wanted to join me. I was thrilled. Also because he seemed like a genuinely nice person and i would like to become friends with him. So we went, had a lovely time. I was even motivated to take up playing the piano again!
Coming back, i saw that my mother had tried to call me several times, asking me to come home asap.
I arrived home, and as i was getting out of the car, my mother seemed nervous and tense. I thought something was very wrong. Maybe there was a big fight with my father...

But no, she was thinking (usually NOT a good thing) and realised that being seen with a foreign boy, alone, would cause a stain on my 'reputation' as i would be perceived as a high class prostitute by 'society'!!!!!

I didn't know how to react. So i reacted the only way i thought was appropriate. I laughed! I told her she was being silly!

But to be honest, I know that it is highly possible that there are people who would think that. Society in this city is such that seeing a girl, with a different 'White' boy on two different occasions would immediately make her a high class whore!

The worse thing is that i've already had someone think this of me. A few years back, when i was still with my long term french boyfriend. We were in the country for holidays, and taking a Tuk Tuk to the cinema. My boyfriend didn't have change for the Tuk Tuk guy so left me at the tuk tuk and went to a supermarket to get some change. While we were waiting, the Tuk Tuk guy asked me whether i want some numbers of white guys...

It took me a while to understand what he meant, but once i did understand, i waited until the Tuk Tuk guy was long gone before telling my boyfriend who understandably got very livid. Just because i have brown skin, and he has white, what right does anyone have to cheapen the love we had?

But the 'Society' my mother is referring to is not the one that the Tuk Tuk driver belongs to. This is the one that moves in certain circles, goes for plays and gallery openings and include the who's who of the City/Country. This is the same society that is supposed to be the crème de la crème. Who i would expect to be educated and modern. Yet this same group is very capable of labelling a girl a whore simply because she has male friends who happen to be of 'white' skin!

And i come back to wondering why i was born into this 'Society'. A society of narrow minded idiots. A society which has no capacity to understand that we are now in a global village. Colour and creed and nationality don't effect relationships, whether romantic or not.

It's unfair that I be judged for having friends of different colours! Of loving those of different colours! Its unfair; but what can i do? How can i change society?

I can't. But maybe i can try?

A bientôt


Ally said...

award for you

you are awesome - society can eff off!


lucky_me said...

Thank you... You put a smile on my face. And you're right! F*** society, i'm going to do things my way :)