Monday, July 19, 2010

Trying to be a less anti-social blogger..

So, I saw this adorable comment this morning from Ally of Veritable Ally  and it made me feel happy. Quite simple really. It's strange how a small act can make you feel so good. I guess that's the beauty of the Internet. Thus I decided that I should probably start being more sociable on my blog. 

I rarely update, only when I feel the urge to empty my mind of thoughts no amount of talking with friends could resolve... Or simply when I get the urge to write. Which mostly I do on paper. And I reply to comments even more rarely! Which is very rude of me I admit because I really do appreciate those who follow me and take the time to stop and read these meandering thoughts of mine that they may or may not relate to. 

So whilst saying Thank You to my followers and commentors. Here's me accepting the award from Ally and writing down Ten Things about me. Which is strange actually because I write so much here that many don't even know about. But well, here goes. 

I weigh 50kg (and trying very hard to lose 2kg) 

I love turquoise blue, my room's that colour

I still miss my cat Salem

I've slept with someone from every continent except Antarctica

Sometimes I feel alone even when I'm surrounded by people

I started a new job at a law firm and i'm loving it! 

I had a random thought today about maybe getting back with my French ex (the one who i was with for 3 years...) We always said that we'd be so much better together if we had met when we were older.. 

I used to have a belly piercing 

Some people say i look like Eva Longoria, I hope I find a Tony Parker too!

I'm glad I started this blog. It turned out much more than i expected it to be

That's it for now. 

A bientôt


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