Friday, February 6, 2009

Amused and confused

Wow he's SO effing entertaining! Of course, he knows that. He thrives on that. But I can't help being awed by it. By him... He's charming. He's utterly irritating. He seems sincere but I can't don't know if he is. He seems to be a gentleman. I think he is. He seems to be interested. He most definitely is. But am i? What do I want? I think I want to talk to him again, be amused for another 5 hours with several glasses of vodka tonic! Do i like him? I don't hate him anymore. I like him as a person. He's quirky, and silly, and very eccentric and I really like people like that.

I've never been this confused about something for a while!!! He says he sees things as blacks and whites, but me i'm a grey person.. I like to simplify things, but i'm complicated. Of course. One yearns for what one is not... To fill a void. Maybe we could be friends... friends that kiss? WHY does that immediately make me think of Dawson's creek??!??!!!

I'm confused!

A bientôt


Rannelee said...

i agree many-a-times i have found that men are the most confusing sex. so hard to figure them out and even more so hard to forget them..

lucky_me said...

In this case, it's myself i find hard to figure out... wish things would always show up as black and white!
Although i DO agree that guys are pretty hard to figure out too!